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100th Anniversary of the Funeral of Edward VII

Coin Cover marking 100 years Edward VII funeral

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The label design will vary from cover to cover but each cover will bear a reproduction Edward VII stamp from our Edward VII stamp sheet.

Edward VII's funeral was a very grand affair. The procession, which included 9 crowned kings, ceremoniously made its way through Windsor until it reached the Steps of George's Chapel, where he was buried on May 20th 1910.

Join us in celebrating the centenary of Edward VII's funeral with our stunning commemorative coin cover.

  • Limited editions available personally signed by renowned actor Timothy West
  • Featuring a single stamp and label from our Edward VII mint stamp sheet
  • Features a genuine Edward VII minted penny
  • Our specially designed 100th anniversary of the funeral of Edward VII, Windsor postmark
  • A timeless tribute to His Most Gracious Majesty

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Special Signed Editions

A small number of these covers have been personally signed by renowned English actor Timothy West. Timothy began his career in stage as an Assistant Stage Manager with the Wimbledon Theatre, and later appeared with the Royal Shakespeare Company in many productions including Peter Hall's highly acclaimed production of The Government Inspector. His big break came when he appeared in a major television series, Edward the Seventh, in which he played the title role.

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The Funeral of Edward VII

Edward VII was born on November 9, 1841, the edlest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 and they had three sons and three daughters. Edward succeeded to the throne upon Victoria's death in 1901. The original coronation date was set for 26 June, 1902, but due to illness it was postponed until 9 August 1902. Edward VII was a good king and quite a few of the Royal houses of Europe were his relatives, allowing him to assist in foreign policy negotiations and his influence had a direct bearing on the alliances between Great Britain and both France and Russia

Edward died at Buckingham Palace in London on May 6, 1910, after several heart attacks. His coffin lay in state in Westminster Hall before being taken through London to Paddington Station and on to Windsor by train. Naval ratings pulled the coffin on a gun carriage up the hill out of Windsor station, right into the High Street, past the Guildhall and Parish Church and into the Long Walk by the Park Street gateway. Nine crowned kings were in the procession, which turned left up the hill towards the castle and proceeded through the Upper Ward and Middle Ward, by the Round Tower, and down the hill into the Lower Ward, finally turning into the Horseshoe Cloisters and the steps of St George's Chapel, where, after the funeral service, he was buried on May 20th, 1910.

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Our Edward VII Mint Stamp Sheet

Edward VII mint stamp sheet If you like this cover, why not have a look at our mint stamp sheet commemorating the centenary of the funeral of Edward VII, from which the stamp that appears on this cover was taken? Special limited signed editions are available, which have also been personally signed by Timothy West.

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Quick Facts: Coin cover:100 years since Edward VII funeral is a Commemorative Cover Issue date : 20th May 2010

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 BCC115  Limited Availability £25.00
  Coin cover with genuine 1910 penny marking 100th anniversary of funeral of Edward VII, unsigned edit Quantity:
 BCC115SSigned by: Timothy West CBE In Stock £30.00
  The Centenary of Edward VII funeral coin cover - edition signed by Timothy West who played Edward VI Quantity:



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