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Cromwell's Key Victory at the Battle of Dunbar

Buckingham Covers The Battle of Dunbar FDC Cover with Royal Mail House of Stuart

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Probably the last major battle of the Third English Civil War, which took place on 3rd September 1650. Oliver Cromwell turned defeat into a massive victory and ended any chance that Charles II could win. Featuring a wonderful early picture of the battle, we commemorate the decisive battle of the Third Civil War with this fantastic first day cover.

  • Features a full set of Royal Mail's House of Stuarts stamps issue
  • Features a specially designed House of Stuart, Battle of Dunbar postmark on the first day of issue
  • Limited numbers genuinely signed by famous British actor Richard Pasco
  • Two incredible alternative postmarks available
  • Celebrating the Battle of Dunbar, one of the decisive moments in the Third Civil War

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Special Signed Editions

A limited number of these covers were genuinely signed by Richard Pasco, British stage, screen and TV actor who's lengthy career has seen him work with the likes of the Old Vic, the Royal Court, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.

This cover was automatically reserved for anyone in our Silver, Gold and Platinum Cover Clubs (signed and unsigned) at the lowest possible price

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Alternative Postmarks

For those interested in postmark collecting, these covers are also available with two fantastic alternative postmarks:

  • A "Crown" House of Stuart, London SW1 postmark
  • The Age of the Stuarts, London postmark

Both are available at the same price as the main unsigned cover.

The Battle of Dunbar

The routing of the Covenanters at Dunbar is regarded as the greatest of Cromwell's victories. Charles II, realising that he had little hope of initiating a Royalist campaign in Ireland, turned to the Scots, who were furious at the presumption of the English Parliament in executing Charles I, who was also King of Scotland. To this end he signed the Treaty of Breda with the Kirk Party of Covenanters, agreeing to the establishment of a Presbyterian government in the Three Kingdoms and was declared the legitimate successor to his father as King.

The New Model Army led by Oliver Cromwell marched north, and the two armies met at Dunbar. The Scots took up a commanding position on Doon Hill on the edge of the Lammermuir Hills overlooking the English encampment at Dunbar. Lord Leven had skillfully manouvred the Covenanter army to block Cromwell's route back to England. Trapped between the sea on one side, the Covenanters' impregnable position on the other, and with the road back to England blockaded, it seemed that Cromwell has no option but to evacuate his troops by sea.

On the morning of 2 September, however, the Covenanters played into the hands of Cromwell by marching down from the commanding heights of Doon Hill. The decision to come down from the hills to attack the English army on level ground was probably taken by the godly committee that accompanied the army. They took up a new defensive position along a stream and settled down to wait for morning. Cromwell saw that there was a weak point and attacked that night, completely routing the Scots. The English Parliament resolved that a special medal should be struck for presentation to all ranks who fought in the battle. The Dunbar medal was the first of its kind for an English army; there was not to be another one until the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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Quick Facts: The Battle of Dunbar FDC Cover is a First-day Cover Issue date : 15th June 2010

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