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A very Peculiar Year to be King...

Buckingham Covers Year of the Three Kings Royal Mail Stamps first day cover

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1936 was an amazing year for British Royalty - in just that year, there were 3 Kings on the throne of Great Britain. To mark the 70th anniversary of this most unusual year in Britsh monarchy, Buckingham Covers produced this stunning first day cover.

  • Features the stunning Royal Mail miniature stamp sheet
  • Two limited signed editions -
    • one signed by actor Ian Richardson
    • one signed by Prince Michael of Kent
  • Exclusive to Buckingham Covers!

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Special Signed Editions

We have two fantastic signed editions available. The first has been signed by actor Sir Ian Richardson, most well known for his starring roles in To Play The King, House of Cards and many others.

A limited number were signed by Prince Michael of Kent.

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The Year of Three Kings

King George V died on 20 January 1936 and was succeeded by his son, Edward VIII. However, Edward (most will argue wisely) chose love over the throne, and in order to marry the woman he loved, abdicated on 10 December in favour of his younger brother, who became King George VI. To mark the 70th anniversary of this very busy Royal year, Royal Mail issued a miniature sheet, for which we created this striking cover featuring all three Kings of 1936.

If you would like to find out more about King George V, King Edward VIII, or King George VI, click on their names.

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What is a first day cover?

At its most basic level, a first day cover (FDC) is an envelope bearing stamps postmarked on the first day that the stamps were issued. A cover originates from the practice of covering a letter in a separate sheet, so that it remained protected and safe from prying eyes. On the day the penny black was first issued, 1 May 1840, so emerged the very first FDC. Click here to find out more about first day covers

We're afraid the cover signed by Sir Ian Richardson is now completely sold out. Do you have one of these covers in good condition that you'd like to sell? We are one of the only cover company who actively buy back our own covers and sheets, so, please email Brian Austin or contact him on +44 (0)1303 278 137 to find out what price we are currently offering.

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Quick Facts: Year of the Three Kings first day cover is a First-day Cover Issue date : 31st August 2006

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  Year of the Three Kings miniature sheet first day cover, unsigned Quantity:
 BC241SSigned by: Ian Richardson CBE In Stock £50.00
  As above and signed by acting legend, Ian Richardson CBE Quantity:
 BC241S2Signed by: (Michael George Charles Franklin) Prince Michael of Kent GCVO In Stock £150.00
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