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Beautiful Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

The World Heritage stamps from 21st April 2005 were a joint issue between Royal Mail and Australia Post.

There were 8 stamps in total. 4 featured British Heritage sites and the other 4 showed Australian heritage sites

Stunning Blenheim Palace in Oxford is featured on the 47p stamp. The palace was built on Queen Anne's orders for John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, in recognition of his victory at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704.

We were proud to produce the official Blenheim Palace cover

Our main edition of this cover has just the 4 stamps featuring British Heritage sites (as in the picture above) but a smaller number were produced with the full set of 8 stamps as well (not illustrated).

Signed Editions

Our main signature for this issue is extremely relevent: the direct descendent of the man for whom Blenhiem Palace was built, the current Duke of Marlborough.

A smaller number were signed by A list star, Jeremy Irons. We thought the Blenheim Palace theme worked nicely with the aristocratic roles Irons plays so well (Brideshead Revisited etc).

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Quick Facts: Blenheim Palace is a First-day Cover Issue date : 21st April 2005

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 BC219  In Stock £17.50
  As illustrated: Official Blenheim Palace cover with 4 stamps showing British World Heritage sites Quantity:
 BC219SSigned by: His Grace, The Duke of Marlborough In Stock £30.00
  Blenheim Palace (4 stamps) signed His Grace Duke of Marlborough Quantity:
 BC219FSSigned by: His Grace, The Duke of Marlborough In Stock £50.00
  Blenheim Palace with full set of 8 stamps signed the Duke of Marlborough Quantity:
 BC219F  Limited Availability £65.00
  Unsigned Blenheim Palace cover with full set of 8 World Heritage stamps, unsigned Quantity:
 BC219FS1Signed by: Jeremy Irons Limited Availability £90.00
  Blenheim Palace with full set of 8 stamps signed Jeremy Irons Quantity:



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