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2002 Classic: Reach for the Stars!

Astronomy miniature sheet cover

Celebrating the world's first large radio telescope and the man behind it: Sir Bernard Lovell.

The Lovell Telescope has stood proudly over the Cheshire Plain since its completion in 1957 and is the flagship of the Jodrell Bank Observatory. The observatory is a place of learning, teaching and research for the many engineers, astronomers and students who develop and use the radio telescopes.

For over 50 years the giant Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank has been a familiar feature of the Cheshire landscape and an internationally renowned landmark in the world of astronomy.

Classic 2002 Cover
  • Officially produced with the Jodrell Bank Observatory.
  • Postmarked at Macclesfield, home of the Lovell telescope.
  • Official "Jodrell Bank Steerable Telescope" special postmark
  • Hand numbered
  • Just 250 personally signed by Sir Bernard Lovell himself
  • Part of the acclaimed Buckingham Covers Series 1
Our Autographs
  • Sir Bernard Lovell
  • The absolute best autograph you can have on this cover is of course, Sir Bernard Lovell since the cover is a tribute to The Lovell Telescope.

    British Genius, Sir Bernard Lovell is a physicist and radio astronomer. He was the first Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory, from 1945 to 1980.

    Sir Bernard led the construction of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope which launched in 1959 and tracked the USSR's Sputnik satellite - the first in the world.

    "It was a sinister time and a lot of my compatriots who went to the Soviet Union in those days in the early 1960s never did return, or when they did return they never survived.

    I was one of the fortunate ones."

    Sir Bernard Lovell

    And alongside his incredible brain, he also proved his outstanding courage.

    In a recent TV interview, Sir Bernard confirmed that the Jodrell Bank was then used as the first "early warning device" of a Soviet nuclear attack.

    He said that it put him in the front line - and the Russian military used radiation to try to kill him during a visit behind the Iron Curtain in 1963.

    Read an article about this on BBC Online



  • Sir Martin Rees
  • An expert in Black Holes, the brilliant mind of Sir Martin Rees is renowned for unravelling the complexities of the universe. Sir Martin is Astronomer Royal and Royal Society Research Professor at Cambridge University.

    Success in both the UK and the US brought Sir Martin to the cutting edge of cosmological research.

    Today, with numerous awards and honorary doctorates, he concentrates less on teaching and more on writing and broadcasting, especially on his pet subjects, which include the study of black hole formation, gravitational waves and gamma rays.


  • Professor Boksenberg
  • Mind blowingly clever, Professor Boksenberg has developed a huge amount of the instruments used in astrology around the world.

    He developed a new field of observational cosmology revealed the content and physical properties of galaxies and the intergalactic medium back to a time near the beginning of the Universe.

    This field has developed as a major contributor to understanding how the Universe evolved from the Big Bang to the present day.


  • Arthur C. Clarke
  • The achievements of Arthur C. Clarke (famous for 2001: A Space Odyssey amongst many others) are unique and provide a bridge between the arts and sciences. His works and his authorship have ranged from scientific discovery to science fiction, from technical application to entertainment and have made a global impact on the lives of present and future generations.

Special Editions

In addition to our main edition, postmarked at Macclesfield, we produced 4 special signed editions, each with different postmarks:

Sell Outs

Most editions are now SOLD OUT.

See below to see which are sold out - and if you like, join the waiting list. If we ever get one back in stock, we will then let you know - although we can't make any promises! But equally you are under no commitment to buy it if it ever turns up.

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Quick Facts: Astronomy miniature sheet cover is a First-day Cover Issue date : 24th September 2002

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 BC023A  Limited Availability £45.00
  The Lovell Telescope, unsigned Quantity:
 BC023HSigned by: Sir Martin Rees Sold Out £55.00
  The Lovell Telescope, signed by the outstanding Sir Martin Rees. Observatory House postmark. Quantity:
 BC023BSigned by: Sir Bernard Lovell Kt OBE LLd DSc FRS Limited Availability £85.00
  Lovell Telescope, signed by Sir Bernard Lovell. Jodrell Bank postmark. Quantity:
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  Signed Bernard Lovell AND Martin Rees. Observatory House postmark Quantity:
 BC023Y  In Stock £100.00
  Signed Bernard Lovell AND Alex Boksenberg. Cambridge postmark Quantity:
 BC023JSigned by: Arthur C. Clarke Limited Availability £125.00
  The Lovell Telescope, signed by the legendary Arthur C Clarke. Alternative Macclesfield postmark. Quantity:



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