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"Once again, thank you, not only for the cover but for the fantastic service you give all the year. I always look forward to my new covers arriving and am never disappointed - they are always outstanding".

Mrs C Tweddle, Club member

Since their launch in 2003, Buckingham Railway Covers have been hugely popular.

Most sell out before the issue date and, with more collectors than ever trying to get hold of them, prices often rise. It is easy to see why.

If you love our covers and don't want to miss any, then we'd like to invite you to join our Railway Cover Club today!


1. Save Money
Railway Club members ALWAYS get new covers at the lowest possible prices. That means you save money by joining the Railway Cover Club.

2. Don't miss the best sellers!
Railway Club members have first refusal on all our new Railway covers. So, unlike non-club members, YOU won't miss out. This is a big advantage to you when covers sell out fast.

"My free cover album arrived a couple of weeks ago and it is absolutely gorgeous".
Mr K Carhart, club member

3. Reward Scheme for Extra Treats
You will earn one token for every £25 you spend on Buckingham covers or stamp sheets. These can be put towards credit on your account or a FREE luxury cover album worth £60 (UK customers only).

4. FREE Exclusive Railway cover
To thank you for being a club member, we will give you an exclusive railway cover FREE each year - NOT available to buy. ONLY Railway Club members will be able to get their hands on it.

5. No small print, no catches, no minimum spend
You don't have to buy every Railway cover we do and there is no minimum spend. We'll tell you up front what's coming next, giving you time to cancel anything you don't want. And you can leave the club any time you like.

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How Does the Railway Cover Club Work?

As a club member, we reserve each new cover in our Railway Series for you. That means you are guaranteed your covers even if they sell out.

You don't have to buy everything that is reserved. We email you every month, listing all the covers due to be sent over the next 8 weeks. If you're not on email, don't worry - the same information appears on all your invoices.

If we don't hear from you, we send the covers to you when they are ready and charge your credit or debit card. But you are welcome to cancel any of the reservations with no penalties at all.

You can cancel reservations by email, phone (01303 278 137) or post with no hassle. You can also return anything within 30 days in original condition for a full refund. We want you to build the collection YOU want.

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How Much Does It Cost?

We produce 12 railway covers a year. The club member price is £8.95 each. There is a postage, packing & insurance charge of £1.95 per sending.

So if you decide to buy every cover released in a calendar year, it will cost you £125. Of course, you may decide not to take every cover.

There is every chance that your covers will go up in value in the future - giving you the hope of a small financial return unlike most hobbies (how much would you spend on annual gym membership or a few dinners out?).

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  • No commitment to buy anything
  • No penalty for cancelling reservations
  • Full refund on any covers you don't want to keep
  • Only pay when the covers you want are ready to send
  • No joining clauses or contracts
  • Cancel your membership any time with no penalties
  • You DON'T have to buy a minimum number of covers each year
  • Advance notice gives you plenty of time to change or cancel

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Be part of the Family

By joining our club, you join the Buckingham Covers family. We share your passion for all things rail. As a small boy, our Chairman, Tony Buckingham disappeared for hours (if not days!), much to the despair of his mother. He was chasing steam trains and visiting sheds! These days, his passion for railway goes into creating the best railway covers around and he's built up a dedicated team of fellow railway enthusiasts to help him.

How to Join

Online: www.buckinghamcovers.com/clubs

Phone: 01303 278 137 (that is +44(0)1303 278 137 from outside the UK). Sarah, Sue or Siobhán will be delighted to set things up for you and answer any more questions that you have.

Email: betty@buckinghamcovers.com

Post: Write to us at Buckingham Covers Railway Club, Warren House, Shearway Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4BF, UK

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How to Cancel Membership

Of course, we hope you won't want to cancel your club membership but we know it is reassuring to know you have the power to do so if and whenever you want. If you decide to leave the club at any time, all you need to do is email us, phone us on (01303 278 137) or write to us and we'll cancel your membership immediately and cancel anything reserved for you. No questions asked, no hassle.

How to Cancel Reservations

If you are reserved a railway cover that doesn't appeal to you (perhaps you only collect steam trains for example, and some of our covers each year celebrate modern traction), then you can cancel anything you don't want as easily as this: simply email us (or just hit "reply" to the monthly email we send you listing what is reserved), phone us (01303 278 137) or write to us. Tell us what you don't want and we'll cancel it.

Suppose you forget, are on holiday, busy at work or simply don't get round to cancelling? No problem. You can also return anything within 30 days in original condition for a full refund. We want you to build the collection YOU want and to enjoy being a club member.

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