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Titanic Heritage Trust

The Titanic Heritage Trust is the only international charitable trust set up to protect the history and name of RMS Titanic and those connected to it.

The Trust's aim is to Preserve, Protect, Respect and Remember every aspect of world wide phenomenon which is TITANIC, including the lives lost, the skills used to construct Titanic, and the centralisation of the many artefacts to put on public display.

We are also appealing to private collectors nationwide to contact us with regard to participating in future Trust events and exhibitions.

As 2012 aproaches together with conventions, nationwide fund raising initiatives and books of Remembrance across the country, we seek to preserve all aspects of the Titanic whilst encouraging Britain to be proud of the expertise that created such a ship that still exists today.

The Trust has a simple aim - to create a permanent heritage centre, to provide a place of dignity to remember those who were lost and to ensure that the British achievement is not lost to future generations.

There will be much to celebrate for the UK in 2011 and 2012 with the 100th anniversary of the building and launch of RMS Olympic and SS Nomadic. Plus in 2012 the London Olympics and RMS Titanic's maiden voyage from Southampton and the tragedy of her sinking.

It is easy to forget that it was a vast British achievement designed, built and launched in Belfast, registered in Liverpool and departed from Berth 44 in Southampton on her legendary maiden voyage. April 10, her sailing date in 1912, was not so much a red letter day as a happy day, a "White Star Day."

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1 - Titanic Centenary Sinking Mint Stamp Sheet

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