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Buses Magazine

BUSES appeals to a wide and ever expanding readership, writing with authority on serious issues but in a readable, entertaining format. It brings up-to-date important news at home and overseas (often running stories before the weekly trade magazines break them) and the most comprehensive photographic coverage of new developments. They cover about every possible area of interest, looking at vehicle operation, technical developments, ticketing, publicity, old vehicle preservation and the latest books, models and videos on the market. Buses magazine is also fiercely independent and unafraid to criticise aspects of the industry. Passengers-eye views of bus travel feature regularly, pointing out the good as well as the not so good. Essential reading for all bus enthusiasts and those in the bus industry.

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1 - Buses Magazine cover with stamps

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from £65.00 to £75.00

2 - Buses Magazine miniature sheet cover

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from £65.00 to £75.00



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