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John Knox House Museum

John Knox and the Protestant Reformers were influenced by the European movement known as Humanism. This movement coincided with the spread of printing and of literacy causing an intellectual revolution across the continent. Not less revolutionary was the translation of the Bible into modern European languages. Knox travelled widely in Europe before returning to lead the Scottish Reformation.

The Reformation in Scotland was officially established in 1560 when the Scottish Parliament approved the Scots Confession and passed an act abolishing the authority of the Pope over the National church. John Knox's preaching was a powerful factor in this revolution but it could not have been carried through without the support of the majority of the Scottish nobility.

John Knox's original 15th century house has been largely unaltered since the 1550's when the Mosman family, Goldsmiths to Mary Queen of Scots, remodelled it. John Knox lived there before his death in 1572. Today, it is maintained by the Church of Scotland and the museum holds an exhibition about Knox's life and times.

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