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The National Trust

So far, we have raised £8675.00 for this cause

The National Trust cares for over 248,000 hectares (612,000 acres) of beautiful countryside in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, along with almost 600 miles of coastline and more than 200 buildings and gardens of outstanding interest and importance.

The Trust cares for all this heritage and history with no support from the Government. It's an independent, registered charity. It spends all its income on the care and maintenance of the land and buildings in its protection, but simply cannot meet the cost of everything in its care. Four in every five of its historic houses run at a loss.

The heritage they preserve they make accessible straight to us. Nearly all their land and property is open to the public so we can enjoy our history.

Some collectors specialise just in our National Trust covers!

Visit their website to learn more.

We have produced 9 Covers with this Associate

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1 - Beautiful Northern Ireland

3 Options

from £35.00 to £40.00

2 - Brownsea Island Red Squirrel

3 Options

from £25.00 to £40.00

3 - Dinefwr Deer Park

3 Options

from £35.00 to £40.00

4 - Kipling full set cover - rare

5 Options

from £125.00 to £280.00

5 - National Trust Stourhead

5 Options

from £40.00 to £200.00

6 - Nobel Prize for Literature

2 Options

from £60.00 to £125.00

7 - Nobel Prizes signed Atwood

Just one Option

Price: £75.00

8 - Pair of Kipling Covers

2 Options

from £45.00 to £60.00

9 - Ponds at Scotney Castle

4 Options

from £45.00 to £100.00



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