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The HMS Beagle Project

The HMS Beagle Project is a fantastic venture, aiming to create a replica of the ship that carried Charles Darwin on his historic voyage of discovery. It's not intended to be a floating museum - it will be a fully functioning ship equipped with the latest technology to inspire and aid a new generation of scientists.

The Project's mission statement: We aim to rebuild the ship that carried Charles Darwin around the world, starting in Darwin's bicentenary year of 2009. The new Beagle will sail the world in Darwin's wake, and will inspire global audiences through unique public engagement and learning programmes, and original scientific research in evolutionary biology, biodiversity and climate change.

The new Beagle will sail the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, carrying international crews to carry on the work started by the great man himself. There will be an interactive website on which people throughout the world will be able to track the Beagle's progress.

Once the new voyage has been completed, she will continue to work as an international science research, education and outreach vessel.

Visit their website to learn more.

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1 - Darwin stamps cover

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