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The Douglas Bader Foundation

So far, we have raised £6250.00 for this cause

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, CBE, DSO, DFC, FRAes, DL, became a hero and legend in his own lifetime. A double amputee caused by "my own fault" in an aeroplane accident in 1931. His skill as an aviator and contribution as an outstanding leader and fighter ace during WW2, along with his continuous attempts to escape prisoner of war camp after he was shot down, was immortalised in the book and film 'Reach for the Sky'. The Douglas Bader Foundation was formed by family and friends, many of whom had flown side by side with Douglas during World War 2.

The first initiative was realised in 1993 - the completion of the Douglas Bader Centre, a facility designed to support rehabilitation services for amputees built at Queen Mary's Hospital, Roehampton, in West London. The centre provides a range of facilities and services for amputee members of the community, including a Walking School and Rehab Therapy Groups. Appropriately, this hospital had provided Douglas' medical care as an amputee for some 50 years.

The Foundation has subsequently developed a number of initiatives and joint initiatives with other amputee disabled charities and partners. The Douglas Bader Grant Scheme provides support for the pursuance of achievements by those with disabilities. This "get on with your life" initiative has assisted countless disabled individuals and groups throughout the UK to achieve a variety of goals within the areas of education, the arts, sport and recreation and small business. The scheme supplies the required equipment, training, services or further education as needed for each successful application. CHAMPS (CHild AMPuteeS) is a project run in association with BALASA that provides residential away week-ends introducing amputee youngsters from around the UK to the benefits of physical activity, sport and fitness whilst providing an informal forum for parents and families to discuss and share experiences and solutions to problems.HelpBureau offers telephone assistance to guide and support limbless people. The Foundation carried out a pilot scheme that proved an enormous success and in 2003, in association with the Limbless Association, launched a jointly funded national initiative.

The Foundation's activities and partnerships to date have enabled them to learn a significant amount about amputees and their requirements. They have identified a number of charities, facilities, services, manufacturers and products that all focus on this community. Significantly they have identified that there is no centralised source that contains all the information available to answer any question an amputee or their family, friends, carers, employer may ask AND no forum for limb service users. The Douglas Bader Foundation proposes to create and provide and promote a central web site "knowledge base" for use by individuals with acquired and congenital limb loss, their parents, friends and carers, as well as the healthcare professionals who support them. Working closely with all charities, associations and organisations that assist and provide services or products to amputees, they will join-up the support and information services currently offered to best pool resources and serve amputees in the most efficient and purposeful way. The Douglas Bader Foundation has received development and start up funding for this initiative and plan to launch the site in October 2005.

THE DOUGLAS BADER WALKING SCHOOL is a 'model' to provide the basic facilities and rehabilitation training required to take a newly traumatic amputee to a high level of personal management, belief and confidence in themselves and their new limbs to go forward into their new life. The Foundation plans ideally to refurbish either an existing facility or designated area allowing a much lower cost of provision as opposed to building a new facility from scratch. Their ambition is to establish this facility worldwide working with hospitals, limb centres, and to provide a standard of practice and support.

The first Bader Walking School will be opened during 2005 within the 'University of Malaya Medical Centre', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in association with and the support of HSBC Malaysia. The Bader Walking School will provide much needed facilities including child and adult areas with rehabilitation equipment, treatment beds, consultancy area and an outdoor multi-terrain and surfaces walking area for not only amputees but anyone with a walking or balance disability.

THE DOUGLAS BADER FOUNDATION, MALAYSIA is the Foundation's first overseas branch and includes amongst its Trustees, Professors and Doctors from the University Hospital who have day to day responsibility for treatment of amputees.

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