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Brigitte Bardot Foundation

So far, we have raised £2723.00 for this cause

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation leads a strong battle for pet and wild animal protection worldwide. The Foundation has over 57,000 donators living in over 60 different countries and employs 323 inspectors. The head quarters are in Paris. The Foundation works on two levels. At an immediate, hands-on level, it is actively involved in animal rescue and projects such as stray cat sterilization campaigns. At a judicial level, the Foundation intervenes on animal's behalf, with the help of inspectors spread out all over France. Overseas, the Foundation has worked on some fantastic high-level projects, including the creation of a sanctuary for bears in Bulgaria. The Foundation is very progressive and utilises mobile advertising, media, interviews, press releases, demonstrations, dispatches and petitions and all communications networks to denounce animal cruelty again and again. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation takes an active part in several coalitions to reinforce its role. These coalitions unite major international associations for animal protection to fight for animal rights worldwide.

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1 - Brigitte Bardot Foundation: Cats

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from £40.00 to £85.00

2 - Brigitte Bardot Foundation: Dogs

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from £35.00 to £85.00

3 - Cats, doubled with Jersey stamp

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Price: £45.00

4 - Cats, doubled with Kipling stamp

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Price: £45.00



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