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SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) was established in 1923 and is one of the longest serving international animal welfare charities.

Through a network of 19 animal hospitals and 21 mobile clinics, SPANA provides free veterinary treatment to around 380,000 animals each year in some of the poorest communities across Africa and the Middle East. Without their help, many working animals would continue to suffer from the effects of poverty and ignorance.

SPANA can also respond immediately to crises, such as when a natural disaster strikes or at a time of civil unrest or war. Their Emergency programmes will dispatch help whenever and wherever animals are in distress.

They concentrate their efforts wherever animals are mistreated, neglected or struggling to survive without proper care. Many animals spend long, tiring days ploughing fields while others are used to carry heavy loads such as building materials or containers of water. Some suffer horrific injuries as a result of practices handed down from generation to generation, such as the use of barbed wire harnessess or using a red-hot iron to treat wounds.

In addition to giving immediate aid to sick animals, they also offer long-term solutions to improving their health and welfare, such as explaining the serious harm such primitive practices can have on an animal.

In many poor families, children often play an important role in caring for working horses, donkeys and camels. So SPANA visits schools, where they can impress upon young minds the importance of looking after animals properly. In this way, they are trying to stamp out the ill treatment of working animals forever. They teach both the animals' owners and their children the best way to care for their animals.

They believe "in the importance of the working animal be it a donkey, mule, horse or camel, as an integral unit in the self sufficiency of family groups in the poorer parts of the world... The improvement in the welfare of all working animals through adequate feeding and watering, and the provision of veterinary care, will enable each one to give a better service and enjoy an enhanced quality of life to the benefit of all. Investment in care for the animal is repaid by the contribution it makes as a healthy working asset to its dependents".

Visit their website to learn more.

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