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Eagle Heights

Eagles Heights is an incredible Bird of Prey centre and charity in Kent. Many animals are brought to Eagle Heights in need of help a sometimes a new home. Some are unwanted pets that have outgrown their owner's interest and others are from the wild and suffering from injury, malnutrition or illness. These refugees are either found a permanent home or are rehabilitated back to their natural environment. However for this charity conserving the natural environment is the most important issue. Whenever possible, they support achievable, local conservation projects. An example is the North Downs Buzzards Project. With the financial help of the public, Common Buzzards were successfully reintroduced onto the North Downs surrounding the Centre. The project was a great success and in 1999, these now wild Common Buzzards successfully raised three young just 10 miles away from Eagle Heights. Long term, Eagle Heights aims to become involved in conservation and education on a greater level. The centre is really worth a visit.

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